Putting Out the Challenger Sale's Dumpster Fire

June 22, 2017

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm • Eastern Time (UTC-4)

There’s much to be said for challenging the status quo as a salesperson, as a certain training firm has pointed out to its own spectacular success. But what happens when the challenger becomes the status quo? Like a dog actually catching the car its chasing, or like a political gadfly unexpectedly elevated to power (to wit, our current US political drama), those best at upending the present may offer dubious value in the future. In fact, new sales research shows “challenging” is poorly suited for retaining and expanding customer relationships; which is to say, for the overwhelming majority of firm sales.

In this webcast author Tim Riesterer and Sales Management Association Chairman Bob Kelly explore the limitations of "the challenger", and the implications of recent research on sales strategies for retaining and growing customer relationships.

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