Research Update: Enabling Indirect Sales Channels

February 21, 2017

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm • Eastern Time (UTC-5)

Join us on this webcast for a first look at recent research on sales channel enablement. The research examines support tactics for indirect sales channels – salespeople, agencies, affiliates, and networks engaged (but not directly employed) by vendor firms. Special focus is given to indirect salesperson effectiveness, and how selling firms can affect it with investments in content, technology, and training.

Specific questions addressed include:

  • What influences indirect sales channels’ effectiveness in delivering a selling firms’ value proposition?
  • What indirect channel support investments are most impactful for selling firms?
  • What indirect channel management practices drive significant value for selling firms?
  • How can selling firms gain higher indirect channel mindshare for their offerings?

This event is open to all members with registration.

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