Scaling Account-Based Selling

February 23, 2017

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm • Eastern Time (UTC-5)

Sales organizations have always invested in their most important customers, by providing customized solutions, dedicated personnel,and other resources. More recently, firms are adopting these high-touch approaches to broader customer segments, using enabling technology and anemerging discipline known as “Account-Based Marketing (ABM).”

Account-Based Selling (ABS) describes how sales forces execute ABM’s fundamental concepts. This webcast describes howbusiness-to-business firms leverage data, content, technology and people to scale account-based selling approaches. The session includes actionable bestpractices for:

  • Leveraging existing customer insights toidentify high value opportunities
  • Structure marketing content to support specificselling conversations, solution selling, and buyer concerns
  • Use existing technology infrastructure tosimplify, streamline, and automate ABS workflow
  • Employ playbooks that address specific selling situations
  • Facilitate collaboration and accountabilityacross product, marketing and sales organizations
  • Optimize selling methods, account strategies,and customer coverage models

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