About the Thought Leadership Council

The Thought Leadership Council is a peer group made up of the Sales Management Association’s most senior practitioner members. Council members set the association’s research priorities, participate in its research initiatives, benefit from exclusive access to research findings, and share best practices within the group. There is no cost for membership; the council exists to support objective, relevant research not associated with a commercial offering (such as training or consulting services).


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Council Membership Benefits


Membership Eligibility

Council membership is by invitation by the Sales Management Association, and is also available for qualified practitioners who apply.


The Council is made up entirely of practicing managers in sales leadership and sales operations, sales enablement, and other sales effectiveness disciplines. Individuals employed by firms that market goods or services to our audience are not eligible to participate.


Fees and Members’ Commitment

There is no cost to join the Sales Leadership Council. Council membership is for a renewable term of one year.

Members are asked to commit to participation in multiple research initiatives throughout the year. These include:

A council member’s commitment is approximately two hours of time spread over the period of 12 months.



All data collected from council members is treated with the utmost confidence, and without your express permission is never reported or shared, except as part of aggregate findings.


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