Current Research Projects

Measuring Sales Force Activity


Salesperson activity is an important indicator of organizational productivity and effectiveness, but presents significant data collection challenges. This research investigates how sales organizations account for salesperson activity, and the nature of the insights they gain through such efforts.

Topics addressed include the nature and quality of salesperson activity tracking, the methods utilized to collect information, the types of activities considered most important to track, and the various ways management applies activity data.

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Sales Manager Training Tactics


As a follow-on study to last year’s research on sales manager training, this research takes a more detailed look at the specific topic, tactics, and priorities given to sales management training initiatives. It benchmarks firms’ investments in manager training, as well as specific approaches used to reinforce learning and measure results.

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Sales Performance Management Priorities


This research examines practices associated with sales performance management (SPM) in sales organizations. The practices include approaches to sales planning, performance forecasting, territory design, resource deployment, quota assignments, and incentive compensation management.

The research identifies which elements of the SPM mix provide the greatest value to sales leadership, and which represent the most important priorities for improvement. It attempts to quantify return on capability investments in SPM disciplines, and uncover best-practice SPM approaches among high-performing firms.

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Best Companies for Sales

Will your sales organization be on the list of the 2017 Best Companies for Sales?

The Sales Management Association and GrowthPlay have partnered to conduct the first annual “Best Companies for Sales” research initiative. 

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