Current Research Projects

Sales Operations Competencies

This research identifies professional competencies important to sales operations, sales enablement, and other sales force effectiveness functions. It prioritizes competencies considered most critical by management, and suggests which competencies will be of growing future importance. Organizational staffing and recruitment practices are also examined as they apply to sales ops.

Specific questions addressed in the research include:

  • What professional skills and competencies are most valued by sales ops?
  • Which competencies are under-represented in sales ops departments?
  • What competencies are emerging as most vital for future sales ops organizations?
  • How, and from what sources, do sales ops functions fill key positions, and how are these staffing approaches likely to change in the future?
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Sales Coaching Practices Research


This research explores coaching practices in sales organizations. It identifies how organizations define sales coaching, and what activities and outcomes they assign to coaching initiatives. The research quantifies the prevalence and frequency of coaching activities, and management’s views of coaching’s importance to sales organization success. Lastly, the research identifies key challenges to implementing coaching, and best practice approaches for realizing return on sales coaching investments.

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Sales Management Best Practices Research


Sales Management Association underwriter Vantage Point Performance is recruiting participants for a study of sales management practices. The study focuses specifically on identifying management practices that result in increased numbers of sellers achieving quota.

Your completed survey will give you access to the findings before Vantage Point Performance publishes them in the follow-up to their best-selling book, Cracking the Sales Management Code.

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Gauging Return on Sales Technology Investments


Sales technology is a growing and increasingly strategic investment for large sales forces. This research identifies how sales organizations prioritize technology’s potential benefits and quantify its return on investment (ROI).

Various approaches for estimating ROI are examined, and various measures of technology impact are prioritized based on importance, accuracy, and prevalence of use.

The research benefits organizations interested in benchmarking their ROI calculation approaches and purchase justification processes with other large sales organizations.

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