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Research • Sales Technology, Sales Operations, Channel Management, Sales Enablement

Research Brief: Enabling Indirect Sales Channels

April 21, 2017

  This research investigates tactics used by firms in support of indirect sales channels – the salespeople, agencies, affiliates, and networks engaged (but not directly employed) by sellers. Special focus is given to indirect salesperson effectiveness, and how selling firms can aff

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Research • Channel Management, Selling Effectiveness, Sales Performance Management

Research Brief: Sales Performance Data’s Impact on Manager Decision Quality

December 29, 2015

  Performance data are essential to managing sales organizations; without accurate data, management’s decision-making effectiveness is crippled. This research examines when, where, and how managers consume performance data, and quantifies performance information’s impact on m

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Research • Strategy & Planning, Sales Force Roles, Channel Management

Inside Sales Trends

November 07, 2014

  Our recently concluded study on inside sales trends surfaces emerging issues, management priorities, and best practices associated with inside sales channels in large sales organizations. Research topics include:   Current approaches in inside sales force deployment

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Conference Archives • Sales Operations, Channel Management, Analytics

Analytics Strategy for Channel Intensive Sales Organizations

October 08, 2013

  Channel organizations represent unique challenges for sales performance analytics. These challenges include gaining access to data; cleaning, standardizing, and staging information from disparate sources; and coordinating an analytics strategy across multiple organizations. In this pan

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Research • Strategy & Planning, Channel Management, Analytics

Segmentation Based on Physician Behavior

April 28, 2009

Implications for Sales Forecasting and Marketing-Mix Strategy

We calibrate a segmented diffusion model by incorporating the knowledge of physicians’ prescription behavior using a sample of four product histories from the pharmaceutical industry. The results show that when compared to the standard diffusion with retention model, the segmented diff

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