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Building Sales Manager Bench Strength

November 12, 2014

  Though most firms acknowledge first-line sales managers’ critical role, few organizations react quickly enough in responding to sales manager turnover. Vacant manager positions have an outsized impact on sales performance, since an entire sales team may be adversely affected. By

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Webcast • Recruiting & Selection, First Line Sales Management

Managing Unfair Competition: Sales Organizations and the Law

August 18, 2014

Sales organizations thrive in competitive environments, but how should sales leadership respond when competitors take unfair advantage? This webcast reviews several common competitive scenarios faced by sales management, explains their legal context, and suggests proactive management approache

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Webcast • Sales Force Roles, Recruiting & Selection, First Line Sales Management

Assessing Sales Talent for Front-Line and Management Roles

November 21, 2013

Drawing upon their recent best practice research on first-line sales manager staffing practices, Aon Hewitt’s Steve Grossman and Miriam Nelson offer insight into the sales manager’s essential contribution to sales organization performance. Topics include benchmarks for FLSM inv

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Webcast • Coaching, Recruiting & Selection, Selling Effectiveness

How Excellent Sales Competency Models Make Excellent Sales Forces

July 18, 2013

Sales teams today contend with increasingly sophisticated buyers and intense competition. They must engage with their customers in more sophisticated ways to create and prove their value. Salespeople need more than the traditional relationship-building and closing skills - business acumen, sharp

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Building a Winning Sales Management Team

October 24, 2012

While top performing salespeople are key for any successful sales organization, great sales managers can be worth even more. First-line sales managers are the critical link between front-line salespeople, customers, and the company, making them pivotal in sales force success.   Sales

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Webcast • Sales Force Roles, Leadership Development, Recruiting & Selection

Best Practices in Sales Human Capital Management

July 12, 2012

Two-thirds (or more) of sales organization's total spend goes to compensate sales personnel, but how much do sales organizations really focus on the human resources they invest in? In fact, many sales organizations have a fragmented approach to people related processes, unlinked to a comprehe

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Webcast • Recruiting & Selection, Sales Training

Accelerating New Salesperson Productivity

July 21, 2011

For many companies, the ramp-up time for new sales professionals typically is six months or more. And, since sales people stay in their position on average for slightly less than two years, companies need to be extremely diligent in recruiting and hiring the right sales people, and then comprehen

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Research • Recruiting & Selection, Selling Effectiveness

The Concept of Salesperson Replacement Value

April 28, 2009

A Sales Force Turnover Management Tool

In most industries, sales force turnover is high and very costly to an organization. This paper argues that sales force turnover reflects the quality of sales management performance and that a systematic analysis of sales force turnover can provide clear guidance to increase sales management

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