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How Excellent Sales Competency Models Make Excellent Sales Forces

July 18, 2013

Sales teams today contend with increasingly sophisticated buyers and intense competition. They must engage with their customers in more sophisticated ways to create and prove their value. Salespeople need more than the traditional relationship-building and closing skills - business acumen, sharp

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What's on Your iPad?

June 27, 2012

Showcasing Sales Management's Favorite iPad Apps

According to recent Sales Management Association research, sales organizations are poised for a tidal wave of tablet PC adoption. Though only 40% of salespeople are currently equipped with tablets, 70% of executives in sales organizations using tablets are already realizing ROI, and more than 90%

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Linking Sales Execution With the Business Plan

November 09, 2010

Most corporate business plans are clear on the sales organization’s performance objectives; that is, they tell us “how much” the sales organization is required to produce. What’s often missing: the “how?” In this Sales Management Association webcast, we re

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Webcast • Strategy & Planning

Aligning Strategy and Sales

August 20, 2014

  The most crucial connection in an organization seeking to grow is between sales and strategy. US companies, for example, spend more than 3x on sales efforts than they spend on all media advertising and 20x more than the total spent on digital marketing. Yet, research indicates that, on

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Six Emerging Trends in Sales Force Effectiveness for Sales Managers

February 24, 2013

The past few years have unlocked unprecedented innovation in the areas of sales force effectiveness. More than ever, sales managers have tools at their disposal to help them improve the productivity and success of their sales teams. In this webcast, we discuss six emerging trends that could be th

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Research • Sales Force Roles

Sales Force Job Descriptions Library

July 29, 2008

TheSales Management Association has added new jobdescriptions to its salesforce job descriptions library. Each job description includes detailedjob responsibilities, accountabilities and performance measures,organizational alignment, and suggested qualifications. Our members find these j

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Research • Sales Compensation

Sales Compensation Plan Design Resources

September 30, 2008

New Compensation Plan Templates Added to Our Library

The Sales Management Association’s sales compensation resources include our library of pay plan templates, viewable here .  Each plan is presented in a downloadable spreadsheet template, which members can use to adapt a selected pay plan design to a sales position’s spe

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Webcast • Coaching, Sales Force Roles, Leadership Development, First Line Sales Management

Sales Manager Coach Thyself: The Development Strategy That Dooms Sales Forces to Fail

August 20, 2012

In recent years, the front-line sales manager has come into focus as a key point of leverage in the sales force. In particular, organizations are trying to improve their sales managers’ ability to coach their reps to higher performance. But what about sales managers themselves - who is coac

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Management Tool • Strategy & Planning, Sales Meetings

Annual Sales Meeting Toolkit

November 17, 2014

  The annual sales meeting is an important event to set the tone for the year with your sales teams. It is the perfect time to communicate strategy, set priorities, and generate excitement for the year. We have organized a toolkit to help you get started.

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Webcast • Sales Meetings

Research Update: Annual Sales Meetings – Best Practices in Preparation and Planning

May 07, 2013

For the sales organization, the annual sales meeting can be invaluable for communicating strategic priorities and setting the tone for yearly expectations. This Sales Management Association Research Update examines findings from a recently concluded Research Initiative on examining how large orga

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