Annual Sales Meeting Toolkit

Bob Kelly


The annual sales meeting is an important event to set the tone for the year with your sales teams. It is the perfect time to communicate strategy, set priorities, and generate excitement for the year. We have organized a toolkit to help you get started.


In this toolkit, we have included the following resources:


  1. Annual Sales Meetings: Best Practices in Preparation and Planning - This Sales Management Association Research Update examines findings from an initiative examining how large organizations plan for effective annual sales meetings. It provides insight into meeting planning best practices, including meeting objectives, themes, and overall meeting effectiveness. View the report slides here. (You must log in to view.)
  2. Sales Kickoff: A Strategic Approach - This webinar walks through key areas to consider as you plan your Sales Kickoff meeting, and references the research above. It discusses best practices to ensure objectives are carried out, innovative ways to motivate employees, and how to identify critical factors to address at the Sales Kickoff Meeting. (Full membership required to view.)
  3. Annual Sales Meeting Survey - Lastly we have created a questionnaire to address an important research finding: “lack of field input on prioritized meeting content” was a frequently cited shortcoming of annual sales meetings. This document provides a survey tool for use in soliciting field input on their content priorities, and how best these might be presented at an annual sales meeting. (Full membership required to view.)


We encourage you take the ideas and customize them to best reflect your organization’s needs. We hope that you find these resources useful as you kick off the coming year strong!