How Excellent Sales Competency Models Make Excellent Sales Forces

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Sales teams today contend with increasingly sophisticated buyers and intense competition. They must engage with their customers in more sophisticated ways to create and prove their value. Salespeople need more than the traditional relationship-building and closing skills - business acumen, sharp analytics, effective cross-functional collaboration, and creativity are essential in today's complex selling environments.


A competency model targeted to specific sales capabilities, and tightly integrated into the overall talent management program, can help ensure that the sales team has the right capabilities to succeed.


Join ZS Associates Sales Force Effectiveness leaders Kelly Tousi and Josh Rosen to learn how to get your competency elements right -- and reap rewards in higher sales and customer satisfaction.


Topics include:

  • Leading practices for designing sales force competency models.
  • How to achieve tight integration across your talent management program.
  • How sales force assessment and coaching tools can enable higher quality, objectivity and consistency.
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