What Sales Force Productivity Conference Session Are You Most Excited For?

Oct 04, 2017


Each year at the Sales Force Productivity Conference we feature cross-industry practitioners discussing their best ideas. This year’s sessions include speakers from 3M, The Coca-Cola Company, Cox Automotive, Google, Gulfstream, Microsoft, Nuveen, Siemens, Thomson Reuters, VMware, x.ai, Xerox, and many more. We’ve curated sessions focused on real-word practices, led by practitioners from the world’s best sales forces with various topics including:

Will technology obsolete the sales force as we know it?

In the Book of Revelation, four horsemen, Death, Famine, War, and Conquest, open a can of world-ending whoop ass before the last judgment. Four forces are similarly positioned as harbingers of the sales force’s demise. They are automation, artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and crowdsourcing.  Pundits would have us believe these technologies will decimate employment in sales related professions.  The Sales Force Productivity Conference’s Tuesday afternoon keynote “The Four Salesmen of the Apocalypse: Do They Prophecy Armageddon for the Sales Organization?” separates fact from fable while examining the potential impact of these four forces, their implications for managers and salespeople, and effective approaches organizations should consider in preparing for the next decade.

Learn to manage your sales pipeline so the entire company wins:

When you hear the term pipeline management, do you cringe or smile? Your response likely reflects whether your pipeline activity is focused on prevention or prediction. Too often, pipeline management blurs together with forecasting, and pipeline reviews devolve into administrative inconveniences. The Sales Force Productivity Conference’s Monday afternoon course “Pipeline Rx: The Power of Prevention” details how the pipeline can drive alignment with organizational imperatives, transforming seller reviews into productive coaching conversations. Learn how to prevent wasted time and effort and develop salespeople’s opportunity management capabilities, all while focusing the sales organization on winnable opportunities and critical sales activities.

Join us in Atlanta October 16-18 for these and 25+ other sessions focused on sales force effectiveness.  You’ll leave the conference with new perspectives, the latest thinking on emerging trends, and actionable insights. Register today.

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