Improving Sales Pipeline Efficiency While Avoiding Salesperson Burnout (European Audiences)

June 21, 2023 | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time | Open session | Webcast

This rebroadcast is scheduled for European audiences.

The correct date and time for this event is 21 June 14:00 London time. [The date shown elsewhere on our site listing may be incorrect.]

Recent SMA research details the impressive productivity advantages enjoyed by sales forces with effective organization cultures. But many managers overlook the importance of aligning sales processes and culture. Poorly designed and supported processes can unwittingly undermine salesperson motivation and engagement, and contribute to salesperson burnout, disaffection, and churn.

This web panel explores how firms increase productivity with efficient sales process, without losing the support of salespeople and while maintaining alignment with a positive sales culture. The session includes practical ideas that help managers improve both sales process and salesperson retention. We examine hallmarks of effective sales process design, detail common process pitfalls that can work against organizational culture, and explore programmatic approaches to ensuring sales process adoption and engagement.

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