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About The Sales Management Association

Here is text to use when describing The Sales Management Association. Please link to our homepage at from one of the logos below, and also include a text link like this: The Sales Management Association.

The Sales Management Association is a global, cross-industry professional organization for sales operations and sales management professions. With members in more than 40 countries, The Sales Management Association promotes professional development, peer networking, best practice research, and thought leadership among professionals who support, manage, coach, or lead sales organizations. The Sales Management Association maintains a member website at, as well as the Sales Management Matters blog, and hosts the annual Sales Force Productivity Conference.

Branding and Logos

The following is a guide to ensure the proper application of The Sales Management Association brand:


The Sales Management Association logo mark is our primary branding element.

Primary logo & primary logo without tagline:



If space or size constraints make the above logo difficult to read, this Sales Management Association logo may be used as an alternative. We also have a white logo for colored backgrounds as an alternative to the white background.


Sales Management Association Logo on White Background             

Download a zipped archive of our logos in various sizes, on white and transparent backgrounds here.

Download an eps version of our logo here.

Color Palette

The correct use of color is critical in building a consistent image for The Sales Management Association brand. Whenever dealing directly with The Sales Management Association brand, red #f64747 // C0 M87 Y72 K0 should be the dominant hue, with the secondary color palette to function as accents. Please pay close attention to matching appropriate ink colors.



The Sales Management Association corporate font is Gotham. Please use this font on headlines, letterheads, business cards, or on any other printed material.

Miscellaneous Writing Guidelines

Writing Style
AP Style
Monetary Format
US$<<AMOUNT 00,000.00>>
Date Format
DD Month Year (DD=2 digit day, no 0 before single digit day)

Download the official Sales Management Association Branding Guide.

Contributing as a Speaker or Author

We have a few exciting ways to get involved.

Sales Management Matters Blog

Contribute to our blog, Sales Management Matters.

Sales Management Matters is an online publication of The Sales Management Association, distributed in electronic form at or www.salesmanagementmatters.comSales Management Matters publishes articles of interest to practicing professionals in the field of sales management and sales force effectiveness.

Sales Management Matters treats a wide range of topics relevant to its readership.  However, most content will focus around one of several key sales management topics, listed here.  Sales Management Matters publishes article formats that include long-form feature articles, subject matter expert interviews, practitioner profiles, how-to guides, and case studies.

View our full writer guidelines here.

Speaking Opportunities

Speaking opportunities are available for workshops, presentations, and panels. Our 2018 Sales Force Productivity Conference will be held October 15-17 in Atlanta, GA. We are currently accepting proposals. The best proposals will provide at least some (and preferably all) of the the following things:

1. Implications for managers (rather than just techniques or strategies for salespeople),
2. Observed best practices or credible research; this can take the form of a case study,
3. Actionable, practical ideas that managers can adopt,
4. A non-commercial agenda (no product demos, proprietary consulting offerings, or recommendations that require using products or services from presenting firm), and/or
5. A management practitioner presenting, or co-presenting.

Submit your ideas here.


 Presentation Template

Download PowerPoint Sales Management Association Presentation Slide Template

Underwriting and Sponsorship

Become an Underwriter

The Sales Management Association’s underwriters provide financial, content, or media support to our global community of sales leadership and support professionals. Become an underwriter and support the only global, cross-industry association focused on sales management and sales operations. Request additional information about underwriting programs by emailing

Become a Sales Force Productivity Conference Sponsor

Sponsorship opportunities are now available for The Sales Management Association‘s Sales Force Productivity Conference – the premiere education and networking event for sales leadership, sales operations, and sales effectiveness professionals. Click here for the 2018 Prospectus

Media Contact

For more information contact