Benchmarking Sales Readiness and Enablement

18 September 2019


Sales forces face a significant challenge in keeping their salespeople well trained and up to date. This research examines how sales organizations approach this challenge, and how the best organizations do so differently than others. It identifies a range of practices related to salesperson learning and development (L&D), including the amount of time invested in L&D activities, the modes of delivering training and other content, and the effectiveness of various approaches. The research examines two perspectives — that of management as well as salespeople themselves, for the purpose of identifying differences in their points of view and potential management blind spots.

Condition of Participation

Research participants are asked to complete an online survey lasting approximately 12 minutes, and may optionally elect to participate in a brief telephone follow-up interview.

Participation Eligibility

The study is open to management practitioners responsible for developing, supporting, or managing a sales force. Target participants are involved in salesperson development, sales effectiveness, sales training, or programmatic support of these topics in their organizations.

Benefits of Participation

Participants receive:

  • A copy of the findings report on this research topic
  • An invitation to a Sales Management Association webcast in which summary findings are presented to our audience, in January 2020

Research Timeline

Research closes 30 November 2019


Survey results are only reported in aggregate, and never in a way that would compromise the identity of any single respondent. All individual respondent data are treated with strict confidentiality, and will not be distributed.

Research Underwriting

This research is made possible in part through the underwriting support of MindTickle.

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