Case Study – Transforming Sales through Centers of Excellence at VMware

Nov 29, 2017


Challenged with doubling its annual revenues from US$6 billion to US$12 billion in five years, VMware is retooling to better deliver sustained high growth. In this presentation, VMware’s Vice President of Global Operations provides an in-progress look at this transformative initiative, focusing on the firm’s efforts to drive sales force productivity.

At the centerpiece of its efforts is VMware’s adoption of Centers of Excellence (CoEs), which establish best-in-class standards and drive economies of scale for areas like forecasting, pipeline, incentive compensation, and lead management. CoEs empower people to come together to solve a common problem and they focus on 30-day momentums of incremental change. With less traditional management, CoEs allow good ideas to germinate, while integrating effort across functions, speeding decision making, and promoting best practice sharing.

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