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Emerging Manager Competencies in the Effective Sales Force

Session Description

11:40 am to 12:30 pm / Wed 8 Jun

Location: Theater

Sales manager competencies are evolving. Newly important competencies are likely to support organizational adaptiveness; they embrace broad ideas of culture and leadership, but also hard skills relevant to first-line sales managers. These emerging competencies emphasize new decision-making approaches, process orientation, fluency with technology, change leadership, and analytical acumen. In fast-moving organizations, these skills help leaders assess performance issues, diagnose root causes, and lead effective change initiatives.

In this session, we examine manager competencies and traits firms will highly value in the near future, and also consider competencies and traits better suited to the recent past that may be currently overvalued.

Topics include:

  • Defining your organization’s emerging competencies
  • Competency-based learning and development for sales management
  • Assessing management competencies
  • Cultivating new management competencies

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