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Improving the Sales Organization’s Planning Capabilities

Session Description

10:30 am to 11:20 am / Thu 7 Dec


Without capable planning, sales forces find it difficult to allocate resources, manage performance, and implement change. Yet few sales organizations plan effectively, and planning competency is too frequently a skill deficit for many sales managers.

This session considers the planning disciplines needed in sales management, and profiles sales organizations that plan effectively. These organizations are faster to market and more nimble, are able to reorganize and redeploy when faced with disruptive events, and more efficiently implement programmatic changes. Enormous advantages in productivity and effectiveness accrue to these organizations.

Presenters detail the factors that contribute to effective planning in sales organizations; these include goal setting and quota allocation, managing territories and salesperson assignments, and optimizing opportunity coverage by redeploying sales resources. Year-round activities are also discussed, including a review of planning capabilities present in the most effective sales organizations.

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