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Meet Adrian Voorkamp

Adrian Voorkamp

Director of learning deployment for Johnson Controls

Speaker Profile

About Adrian Voorkamp

Adrian Voorkamp is Americas director of learning deployment for Johnson Controls, a US$22 billion in revenue global building solutions company that makes buildings smart, sustainable, safe, and secure. Adrian leads the deployment of sales, sales leadership, and technical training in North and Latin America. Johnson Controls learning function has won multiple Brandon Hall awards, including an award for their sales management training program, Building Sales Leaders. Adrian has a decade in frontline sales experience in multiple B2B sales roles, three years as a national sales trainer, and four years in global and corporate roles focused on sales enablement and learning.

This Year's Sessions

8:15 am / Wed 8 Jun

Sales Learning and Development’s New Success Metrics

Measuring sales training effectiveness is notoriously tricky. In the past, sales trainers used activity or completion statistics as weak substitutes for training outcomes. These offer unconvincing arguments for sales training’s ROI. Today, much about sales training is changing, beginning with a shift away from classroom training. And, most firms now embrace “learning and development” as...

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