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Meet Lisa Leary

Lisa Leary

Vice President of Sales Eastern Region at Consolidated Communications

About Lisa Leary

Lisa Leary is vice president of sales eastern region for Consolidated Communications, a US broadband and business communications provider. Before joining Consolidated Communications in 2017, she served in senior sales leadership roles at FairPoint Communications, Earthlink, Avaya, and Siemens. She began her career in sales at IBM.

This Year's Sessions

9:50 am / Tue 7 Jun

Powering Up a Performance Culture in Today’s World

Execution, urgency, and accountability are often stressed in results-focused sales organizations. But managers today may be more reluctant to lean into these traditional aspects of performance culture. The Great Resignation and a highly competitive labor market have made salesperson retention more important than ever. Add in the uncertainty surrounding return-to-office transitions, and many managers may...

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