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Meet Maria Candurin

Maria Candurin

Assistant Program Manager at The Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute

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About Maria Candurin

Maria Candurin is a recent University of Houston graduate; she completed a double major in Management Information System, Supply Chain Management and a minor in Sales. While at UH she worked with the Sales Excellence Institute to coordinate Custom Executive Education training programs for Sales Professionals and served as a mentor to over 100 undergraduate student sales professionals to meet their individual and team quotas.

This Year's Sessions

9:10 am / Wed 8 Jun

Unlocking Academic Sales Centers’ Partnership Potential: What Sales Leaders Need to Know

Many sales leaders aren’t familiar with academic sales centers. They’ve been growing quickly on college campuses worldwide, where they educate business students on professional selling, and prepare graduates to succeed in entry level sales careers. A few elite level academic sales centers are also educating managers in their MBA and executive education offerings, contributing to...

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