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Meet Ragan Crowell

Ragan Crowell

Global Sales Learning & Competency Manager at Schlumberger

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About Ragan Crowell

Ragan Crowell is global sales learning and competency manager at Schlumberger, a leading provider of technology and services to the energy industry. She oversees training and development of approximately 5,000 sales professionals.

In her 20-year career at Schlumberger, she has served in a number senior sales, operations, and engineering management roles. Before assuming her current position, she most recently managed US land and North America offshore sales. She began her career with the firm as a field engineer. Prior to joining Schlumberger, she was an analyst at Dynegy, an integrated energy company.

This Year's Sessions

4:00 pm / Tue 7 Jun

Symposium on Corporate Sales Force Effectiveness

This session advances a framework for reconsidering the corporate SFE function’s purpose and impact. It presents emerging practices and trends indicative of the sales function’s rapidly changing operating context. Session presenters make the case for establishing (or reestablishing) a new corporate charter for corporate SFE, as a way of incorporating best practices and optimal impact....

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