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Meet Wayne St. Amand

Wayne St. Amand

Chief Marketing Officer at Allego

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About Wayne St. Amand

Wayne St. Amand is chief marketing officer at Allego, a provider of mobile, interactive learning and enablement technology for distributed teams. Wayne is responsible for driving business expansion through Allego’s global corporate and product marketing initiatives. Before joining Allego, Wayne was chief marketing officer and senior vice president at Nielsen’s marketing effectiveness business unit. Wayne has a long track record of accelerating the growth of technology businesses, playing a key role in one IPO and three separate exits each valued in excess of US$100 million.

This Year's Sessions

11:00 am / Tue 7 Jun

When It Comes to Sales Content, Sales Leaders are Focused On the Wrong Thing

There’s good reason for sales leaders today to be focused on sales content optimization. Leading technology solutions are touting the ability to tie content usage to sales outcomes, with direct integrations into your CRM. Content analytics have come a long way in a short time. And it’s not that understanding content’s impact on revenue is...

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