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Cocktail Hour Oxford Debate

Session Description

5:15 pm to 6:15 pm / Thu 7 Dec


Watch in horror as four overly argumentative sales thought leaders publicly engage in a moderated, Oxford-style audience debate. Their topic:

Over the next 10 years, investments in technology will yield greater productivity gains for sales organizations than will investments in talent development.

Paired teams will prepare in advance both an affirmative and negative case. Then, a few days before the conference, teams will be randomly assigned to the affirmative or negative side. This prepares debaters with a full command of the issues while still allowing time to develop compelling arguments.

It’s an audience-style debate, so you may find yourself joining the fray by shouting encouragement at a well-reasoned point, or simply heckling speakers for the sport of it, because you are a Barbarian. Share your own hot take during audience Q&A. Winners chosen by audience acclimation. Prizes awarded. Cocktails served.

#SFEC in numbers



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