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Bold Futures in Sales Technology

Session Description

2:35 pm to 3:50 pm / Thu 7 Dec


Technology has profoundly changed the sales function over the past four decades, but many observers believe the most substantial technology-driven impact is currently on our doorstep, in the form of generative AI. Experience has shown that sales organizations are more likely to integrate technology into adapted sales roles, rather than replace sales workers wholesale with technology. (Despite no shortage of Cassandras, like this prediction of 15 million lost jobs by 2020).

Where are smart sales organizations placing their technology investment bets in 2024, and how are they anticipating the expected impact of gen AI and other potential disruptive innovations? What is the future role of CRM, the platform that anchors most firms’ technology investments? This session treats these and other questions, while considering leadership’s role in guiding the new skills and organizational capabilities required to best leverage sales technology over the next three years.

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