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Meet Jesse Sladek

Jesse Sladek

Chief of Staff, Global Customer Operations, TIBCO Software

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About Jesse Sladek

Jesse Sladek is chief of staff, global customer operations for TIBCO Software, a global business intelligence software firm. Jesse specializes optimizing sales force effectiveness, and coordinating customer-impacting initiatives across sales, presales, marketing, professional services, and customer success functions. In addition to his chief of staff duties, he also leads TIBCO’s Manufacturing Community of Practice.

Before joining TIBCO, Jesse had a distinguished service career in the United States Army. Following a West Point commission in 2006, he served as an Airborne Ranger in multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and earned several awards, including a Bronze Star. Upon leaving active duty as a Major, Jesse earned his MBA from Emory University and began his career in a leadership development program at General Electric, and later worked in value engineering, orchestrating complex B2B transactions with bespoke value proposition development.


This Year's Sessions

11:40 am / Tue 7 Jun

Diagnosing Growth Bottlenecks in the Sales and Value Delivery Chain

Large firms often have multi-solution offerings, matrixed sales roles and teams, and layers of channels and go-to-market routes. When growth falters in one part of such firms, it’s often difficult to diagnose where the problem lies and how to address it. This session focuses on diagnosing growth bottlenecks and capability gaps in complex selling organizations....

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