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Meet Jesse Sladek

Jesse Sladek

Chief of Staff, Global Revenue Operations at Elastic

Speaker Profile

About Jesse Sladek

Jesse Sladek is chief of staff, global revenue operations, at Elastic, a leading technology platform for search analytics and search-powered solutions. Elastic is a high-growth, $1US billion SaaS company, with six consecutive quarters of double-digit growth.

His responsibilities there include go-to-market planning, execution, and cross-functional leadership. He provides leadership to Elastic’s renewals team, has established a value engineering program, and coordinates growth and headcount investment planning.

Previously he was chief of staff, global customer operations for TIBCO Software, a global enterprise software firm, where he also led TIBCO’s Global Manufacturing Community of Practice.

After commissioning from West Point in 2006, Jesse served as an Airborne Ranger with three tours to Iraq and Afghanistan earning several awards, including a Bronze Star. Upon leaving active duty as a Major, Jesse earned his MBA from Emory University and began his career in a leadership development program at General Electric before moving into software as a value engineer orchestrating complex B2B transactions with bespoke value propositions.


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