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Digitalizing Sales: Where Firms are Finding ROI

Session Description

4:10 pm to 5:00 pm / Thu 7 Dec


Advances in commercial software continue to impact sales organizations, who now evaluate, implement, and integrate applications in a semi-constant state of “sales stack” optimization. For salespeople, the result may be a dog’s breakfast of poorly coordinated tools. It’s likely that many organizations see disappointing returns in their sales stack technology investments; SMA’s research shows a majority of firms experience lower than acceptable ROI and adoption of CRM, the anchoring technology investment in most sales forces.

In this session we examine effective outcomes in digital sales transformation, and identify the guiding principles, frameworks, and management practices that contribute to effective sales technology investments.

Topics include:

  • What defines good investment outcomes for sales technology investments
  • Why low adoption sinks sales tech ROI
  • The next wave of technology innovation poised for sales force adoption
  • Rethinking technology transformation objectives
  • Developing a mid term strategy for digital sales transformation
  • Best practice approaches to automating sales process

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