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Meet Bob Sanders

Bob Sanders

CEO of Axiom Sales Kinetics

Speaker Profile

About Bob Sanders

Bob Sanders is chief operating officer at Axiom Sales Kinetics, a provider of sales force effectiveness solutions and services. Bob recently returned to Axiom after serving as chief operating officer at Reflect Systems, a digital signage software provider he joined in 2018 as executive vice president of sales. Under Bob’s leadership, Reflect System’s recurring revenue doubled and the firm was acquired by Creative Realities, Inc.

As CEO of Axiom (then known as AXIOM Sales Force Development) from 2009 to 2018, Bob was a frequent and highly rated presenter to Sales Management Association audiences. His areas of thought leadership include sales coaching effectiveness, management development, sales training, and sales process optimization.

Previously, Bob ran the global sales organization at technology startup Ortiva Wireless from 2006 to 2009.

This Year's Sessions

11:20 am / Wed 13 Mar

Workshop: Implementing a Competitive Fitness Model for Sales Coaching Effectiveness

Would you hire an athletic coach who planned to interact with players only during games? Probably not, since you’d expect an effective coach to guide players in practice, conditioning, strategy, and other activities that prepare athletes to perform at a high level. Yet many sales organizations — whose members also compete in a performance-based profession...
1:30 pm / Tue 12 Mar

Transforming the Sales Force

Few functions within the firm confront as much change as sales organizations. In the past five years, they’ve adapted to a global pandemic, then an uneven return to normalcy; they’ve been whipsawed by sudden spikes in demand and product supply, uncertain labor markets and worker shortages, and the introduction of new generative AI tools, technology...

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