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Meet Andrew Clement

Andrew Clement

Chief Customer Officer at Kimberly-Clark

Speaker Profile

About Andrew Clement

Andrew Clement is chief customer officer at Kimberly-Clark, the multi-national personal care corporation that produces mostly paper-based consumer products, including ubiquitous brands Kleenex and Scott. His career at KC includes a wide range of leadership roles in sales, marketing, manufacturing, innovation, and strategy. He began his career with the firm as a sales professional in Nashville.

This Year's Sessions

11:00 am / Tue 12 Mar

Sales Leadership’s New Priorities

Sales leaders are adapting to an unprecedented amount of uncertainty, disruption, and change. Consider just the past five years – a period which saw sales forces roiled by the abrupt onset of a global pandemic, and then an uncertain recovery with accompanying swings in demand, supply shortages, and financial markets. Compounding these challenges: an uncertain...

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