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Meet Andy Williams

Andy Williams

Management Consultant

Speaker Profile

About Andy Williams

Andy Williams is an independent leadership consultant and commercial effectiveness advisor. He worked previously as a director in EY-Parthenon’s Commercial Strategy practice, as head of commercial operations for Santira, as director and head of sales excellence at Boehringer-Ingelheim Animal Health, and director of sales effectiveness at Merial.

See excerpts here from Andy’s excellent SFPC2018 talk “Putting Culture at the Center of a Sales Force Reorganization at Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health” [Full presentation and slides here.]


This Year's Sessions

1:30 pm / Tue 12 Mar

Transforming the Sales Force

Few functions within the firm confront as much change as sales organizations. In the past five years, they’ve adapted to a global pandemic, then an uneven return to normalcy; they’ve been whipsawed by sudden spikes in demand and product supply, uncertain labor markets and worker shortages, and the introduction of new generative AI tools, technology...

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