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Meet Antonio Weinberg

Antonio Weinberg

Manager of Business Development at Autodesk

Speaker Profile

About Antonio Weinberg

Antonio Weinberg is manager of business development at Autodesk, a technology solution provider used by more than 100 million people who design and make things in architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, media, and entertainment.

Antonio joined Autodesk after graduating from Goizueta Business School’s MBA program. A successful entrepreneur, Antonio founded an operated a lead generation and sales consulting venture before returning to graduate school. He has also worked in sales and business development roles at ExecVision and Vorsight, as a political campaign organizer, and as a farm hand.

This Year's Sessions

9:00 am / Tue 12 Mar

Competing on Sales Talent

Sales organizations in many sectors are suddenly finding salesperson hiring and retention more difficult. This seems to be due in part to one of the pandemic’s enduring impacts: redrawn expectations of employers from many workers. These changing expectations are amplified by the workforce’s younger-skewing demographics, and its shrinking supply. In a sellers’ labor market, sales...

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