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Meet Bhushan Ekbote

Bhushan Ekbote

Head of Global Sales Operations at Jeeves

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About Bhushan Ekbote

Bhushan Ekbote is Head of Global Sales Operations at Jeeves, an international fintech infrastructure firm building an all-in-one expense management platform for global companies. He has more than 15 years’ experience helping organizations set up and run sales operations functions in support of revenue growth. His expertise includes sales planning, forecast and pipeline management, sales process development and sales enablement.

Before joining Jeeves he held senior sales operations leadership roles at Afterpay, Magento (an Adobe company), Trifacta, and Informatica.

This Year's Sessions

4:00 pm / Tue 7 Jun

Symposium on Corporate Sales Force Effectiveness

This session advances a framework for reconsidering the corporate SFE function’s purpose and impact. It presents emerging practices and trends indicative of the sales function’s rapidly changing operating context. Session presenters make the case for establishing (or reestablishing) a new corporate charter for corporate SFE, as a way of incorporating best practices and optimal impact....

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