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Meet Don Hubbartt

Don Hubbartt

Head Sales Compensation Center of Excellence at Siemens

Speaker Profile

About Don Hubbartt

Don Hubbartt is head of Siemens’ Sales Compensation Center of Expertise. He has an extensive background in HR and sales compensation, and serves on WorldatWork’s Sales Compensation Advisory Council.

Before joining Siemens he worked in HR and compensation management roles at Solo Cup Company, Kohl’s Department Stores, Rand McNally & Company, and Bell & Howell.

This Year's Sessions

3:30 pm / Tue 12 Mar

The Changing Role of Incentives in Sales Performance Management

Sales compensation represents the largest single marketing investment made by business-to-business firms, and a notoriously difficult challenge for many. In this session, presenters explore the essential elements of effective incentive compensation strategies for sales organizations. They provide insights into managing global sales incentives, the information flows critical to sales performance management, and the emerging practices...

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