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Meet Erich Starrett

Erich Starrett

Founder, OrchestrateSales

Speaker Profile

About Erich Starrett

Erich Starrett is founder of OrchestrateSales, a content resource for sales enablement professionals. Previously, he led enablement advisory services for Showpad, a sales enablement platform provider for hybrid sales teams. He has worked as a consultant to sales organizations, and in marketing management and sales effectiveness roles for Lumen Technologies, Level 3 Communications, CGI, Sprint, Verizon, and MCI Telecommunications.

This Year's Sessions

9:00 am / Tue 12 Mar

Competing on Sales Talent

Sales organizations in many sectors are suddenly finding salesperson hiring and retention more difficult. This seems to be due in part to one of the pandemic’s enduring impacts: redrawn expectations of employers from many workers. These changing expectations are amplified by the workforce’s younger-skewing demographics, and its shrinking supply. In a sellers’ labor market, sales...

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