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Meet Erin O’Leary

Erin O’Leary

Vice President Revenue Operations and Enablement at Bottomline

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About Erin O’Leary

Erin O’Leary is vice president revenue operations and enablement at Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY), a provider of comprehensive digital banking and payments services. Before joining Bottomline Technologies she was vice president of sales operations at Acoustic, an independent marketing cloud and analytics provider, and senior director, sales operations and enablement at ForeScout Technologies, Inc., a leading Internet of Things (IoT) security company. Her focus is on accelerating and increasing sales productivity to drive revenue growth. Erin’s experience includes roles in finance, business development, sales operations and enablement in IT organizations.

This Year's Sessions

2:00 pm / Tue 7 Jun

Symposium on Corporate Sales Force Effectiveness

This session advances a framework for reconsidering the corporate SFE function’s purpose and impact. It presents emerging practices and trends indicative of the sales function’s rapidly changing operating context. Session presenters make the case for establishing (or reestablishing) a new corporate charter for corporate SFE, as a way of incorporating best practices and optimal impact....

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