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Meet Faiza (Muhammedi) Jivani

Faiza (Muhammedi) Jivani

Senior Vice President of Sales at PRGX

Speaker Profile

About Faiza (Muhammedi) Jivani

Faiza (Muhammedi) Jivani is senior vice president of sales at PRGX, a data management company that pioneered profit recoveries nearly 50 years ago and is now the global leader in source-to-pay data intelligence and margin expansion.

Before joining PRGZ Faiza was vice president and head of new business sales at Global Payments, and vice president at Wells Fargo. Earlier in her career she was a salesperson at Covente and Cybersource.

Faiza is an Emory University alumna; she also earned a Master of Science from Columbia University.

This Year's Sessions

1:30 pm / Tue 12 Mar

Transforming the Sales Force

Few functions within the firm confront as much change as sales organizations. In the past five years, they’ve adapted to a global pandemic, then an uneven return to normalcy; they’ve been whipsawed by sudden spikes in demand and product supply, uncertain labor markets and worker shortages, and the introduction of new generative AI tools, technology...

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