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Meet Lauren Bailey

Lauren Bailey

Founder and President at Factor8

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About Lauren Bailey

Lauren Bailey is Founder and President at Factor8, a sales and sales management training company focused on virtual selling. She is the founder of two other successful brands, The Sales Bar, an online sales training platform, and GirlsClub, a program designed to elevate women sales leaders through training and mentorship. Lauren was previously global director of training at SAP, and an independent training consultant before founding Factor 8.

This Year's Sessions

9:10 am / Tue 7 Jun

Kicking Sales Coaching Up a Notch: Five Things Leaders Can Do

Research shows effective sales coaching has a dramatic impact on overall performance. It raises the percentage of successful salespeople in the sales force, enhances salesperson engagement and retention, and improves overall sales productivity. But many firms do not coach salespeople enough – and when they do, do not coach well. In this presentation Factor 8...

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