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Meet Ragin Bullard Edwards

Ragin Bullard Edwards

Director of Sales Operations and Strategy at Copperleaf Technologies

Speaker Profile

About Ragin Bullard Edwards

Ragin Bullard Edwards is director of sales operations and strategy at Copperleaf Technologies, a provider of AI-powered decision analytics for companies managing critical infrastructure, including physical and digital assets. Previously, she was sales success coach at New Relic, and before that held sales enablement and sales operations management roles at RentPath, and PRGX.

This Year's Sessions

11:00 am / Tue 12 Mar

Sales Leadership’s New Priorities

Sales leaders are adapting to an unprecedented amount of uncertainty, disruption, and change. Consider just the past five years – a period which saw sales forces roiled by the abrupt onset of a global pandemic, and then an uncertain recovery with accompanying swings in demand, supply shortages, and financial markets. Compounding these challenges: an uncertain...

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