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Kicking Sales Coaching Up a Notch: Five Things Leaders Can Do

Session Description

9:10 am to 9:50 am / Tue 7 Jun


Research shows effective sales coaching has a dramatic impact on overall performance. It raises the percentage of successful salespeople in the sales force, enhances salesperson engagement and retention, and improves overall sales productivity.

But many firms do not coach salespeople enough – and when they do, do not coach well. In this presentation Factor 8 President and Founder Lauren “LB” Bailey addresses the most common causes of coaching shortcomings and presents at least five critical actions sales and enablement leaders can take to rapidly improve sales coaching quantity and quality.

A former global head of training strategy at SAP and a prolific sales coaching thought leader, Lauren has worked with thousands of sales managers on coaching effectiveness. She brings a high-energy approach to the topic that combines a broad understanding of sales manager effectiveness with practical tips firms and managers can execute immediately.

Session speakers

Lauren Bailey

Founder and President at Factor8

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