A Modest Proposal (with free T-shirt!)

13 April 2014


Sales Proposal Research InfographicLast year TinderBox, Miller Heiman, and the Sales Management Association conducted research on sales proposal effectiveness. Drawing on input from 76 participating business-to-business sales organizations, findings show that proposal effectiveness correlates closely with sales growth, but that several facets of proposal management remain under-optimized. These include making proposal easier for prospects to understand, and providing management with data on proposal activity.

Our fine friends at TinderBox have taken the study findings and created an infographic and a white paper, which we’ve bundled with an archived webcast replay on the research. Grab them now here – and if you’re among the first 25 who register TinderBox will send you a free T-shirt.

Request the “Sales Proposal Effectiveness Toolkit” and we’ll send you by email:

  • The sales proposal effectiveness infographic
  • TInderBox’s white paper on sales proposal effectiveness
  • A link to our recent webcast summarizing research findings on sales proposal effectiveness, and slides from the webcast.
  • A cool TinderBox T-shirt (first 25 to register!)
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