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The Sales Management Association’s job descriptions library provides platform job profile information for commonly used sales force roles. Members may find this library useful as a starting point when customizing their own sales organization’s job descriptions. Job descriptions may be used by current members at the corporate and individual level.

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About SMA’s Sales Job Descriptions

  • The job descriptions library is organized based on the general job role categories shown below.
  • We use a generic titling scheme; members should note the wide variation in the use of titles in many firms.
  • These job descriptions are part of the membership tools available to paid, corporate members of the Sales Management Association [SMA], who owns, maintains, and distributes this content. The SMA’s current Corporate members may use these job descriptions within their organization at no cost; current Individual paid members may access these job descriptions for person non-commercial purposes. Other firms and individuals may license use of this content for a fee by contacting the Sales Management Association at

Business and Sales Development

Jobs focused in business development predominately through new customer acquisition. These positions include lead developers and traditional “hunter” sales roles.

  • Sales Development Representative
  • Business Development Representative
  • Account Executive
  • Senior Account Executive
  • Win-Back Specialist

Account Management - Core Accounts

Jobs that emphasize maintaining and growing existing customer relationships of various levels in the firm's core accounts.

  • Account Manager
  • Senior Account Manager

Account Management - National, Strategic, Channel

Sales roles focused in managing the firm’s most important customers – often across multiple locations, buying centers, and geographies.

  • National Accounts Manager
  • Strategic Account Manager
  • Channel Partner Manager

Sales Specialists

Sales roles focused in niche verticals, segments, or markets; or roles providing deep expertise in a sub set of the firm's offering.

  • Government Sales Representative (coming soon!)
  • Product Sales Specialist

Pre- and Post- Sales Engineering and Support

Sales roles supporting the sales effort through pre-sales or post-sales involvement.

  • Pre-Sales Engineer
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Director of Sales Engineering

Sales Management

Sales management roles including first-line (directly managing salespeople) and senior leadership.

  • Field Sales Manager
  • Inside Sales Manager
  • Director of Channel Sales
  • Director of Sales Engineering
  • Vice President Sales
  • Vice President Channel Sales

Sales Force Effectiveness, Enablement

Management roles focused in directing or supporting sales force productivity. Firms utilize these roles in a variety of ways; we categorize them as follows: sales operations roles are focused on process, productivity, and support programs directly impacting the sales organization; sales enablement roles are focused on sales training and content distribution; revenue operations roles are focused on sales and service delivery process optimization across sales, marketing, and customer success functions.

  • Sales Operations Analyst (coming soon!)
  • Director Sales Operations
  • Vice President Sales Operations
  • Sales Enablement Manager (coming soon!)
  • Vice President Sales Enablement (coming soon!)
  • Director of Revenue Operations (coming soon!)
  • Vice President of Revenue Operations (coming soon!)

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