As a thank you to research participants, we provide complimentary Associate membership. Associate membership offers access to the past six months’ resources on our site, free access to many of our growing list of management courses, discounted registration to in-person events, and a lower cost upgrade path to full membership at the Individual or Corporate level.

When you complete one of our research surveys, your information is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Your data is only reported as part of aggregated results, and your survey responses are never shared with anyone external to the Sales Management Association (not even research partners, sponsors, or underwriters). Over more than ten years, Sales Management Association has established a reputation for integrity, confidentiality, clean data, rigorous analysis, and reputable practices. These practices are integral to the value our benchmarking research provides.

When you complete a research survey, we’ll ask you for your name, email, and firm name. We use this information to process your membership upgrade, and to verify your identity and professional role (100% of respondents are verified in this way for all our research initiatives).

Select a Research Initiative

Chose any research initiative shown on our open research listings page. Once you complete the survey, we’ll

  • Send you notification of your upgraded membership
  • Send you a copy of the research initiative’s final report once it publishes
  • Register you for a webcast based readout of preliminary research findings, ensuring you’ll be the first to know what we learn.

Participants must meet eligibility requirements for the research survey they complete. These are listed separately for each initiative, and typically require participants to work in management roles in firms that are not considered vendors or solution providers targeting our core audience of sales effectiveness leaders.

Have questions or need more information? Drop us a line at or +1 (404) 963-7992.