Behind the Scenes of the annual Sales Force Productivity Conference’s Panoramic Photo

11 December 2017


Every year at the Sales Force Productivity Conference, the Sales Management Association invites photographer Shawn McElroy to capture a group photo of the attendees. At first glance, the conference attendees appear to be seated in a line around the stage. However, the photo is actually a panoramic photograph with the group sitting in a circle around the camera. This process is entertaining, interesting, and one to remember.

The camera used to take this unique image is called the Eastman Kodak #10 Cirkut Camera. There are only a few hundred of these cameras still in existence today and less than a dozen photographers known to be shooting them. The camera is called a “rotational slit camera” because it exposes the film by pulling it across a 1/4 inch wide, 10 inch high slit in the back of the camera. As the film is pulled across the slit, the camera rotates in the opposite direction; the two motions cancel each other out and a 360 still image of the world around the camera is captured. Each roll of film is hand cut/rolled and loaded for the individual job. The film is black and white, 10 inches high, and up to 6 foot 6 inches long.

After the shoot, each negative is hand processed in photo chem and then scanned in pieces. After assembling the scans in the computer, each image is printed on a large format printer capable of printing a 2 foot tall, 18 foot long print. The standard sized print is 10 inches high and up to 6 foot 6 inches long (the 10 inch high print is much easier to hang on your wall.)

Click here to download the image from SFPC2017.

Shawn “Smack” McElroy is available for conventions, weddings, family reunions, parties and any gatherings worthy of remembering.


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