Sales Compensation: Make the Sausage (Don’t Hide It)

22 March 2011


Nice Meating YouSales Management Association underwriter Better Sales Comp Consultants has redesigned its site, which looks great. BSCC's Per Torgesen provides an excellent series of posts there on practical tips for sales compensation plan design. His most recent covers "making the sausage" – the sometimes messy process of creating compensation plans for salespeople. You remember salespeople, right? They're the ones that accused you of hiding the sausage last time you rolled out a new compensation plan. Read the post.

Well said Bob, couldn’t agree more. A sales rep isn’t a sales rep isn’t a sales rep ad this is even more pronounced when you look at the stark differences between product and solution reps. Compensation needs to be customized to the person and sales managers need to know what their team cares about quickly and easily.

I believe that individual compensation plans are the best course of action. One salesman is different from another so each program needs to meet the needs that of the individual. Comppanies generally have compensations plans that are set up for everyone, and I feel that this takes away from some of the individuals because it puts undue stresses to meet requirements that they might not be ready for.

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