Potential Estimation in Business-to-Business Markets

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This module treats potential estimation in business-to-business selling environments. Estimating potential at the market, segment, territory, or customer level is critically important for sales organizations. By correctly sizing potential, sales forces are better able to deploy resources, set achievable goals, and measure performance.

The modules focuses on the aspects of market potential estimation that are most important for sales leaders and sales force effectiveness professionals. Because business-to-business markets often have limited access to market data, focus is given to strategies for estimating potential where this is the case.

Course Format

This short course learning module includes two short videos totaling about 20 minutes, a module transcript, and a short knowledge check quiz. This is an on-demand, self paced short course.

Certificate of Completion

Learners that score 100% on the knowledge check quizzes are provided with a certificate of completion for this course module, and may use the completed course to satisfy Sales Management Association certification program requirements.

Course Fees and Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course. Course fees are based on SMA membership level.

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