Salesperson Activity, Capacity, and Workload


This module focuses on the sales organization’s single most valuable asset – its salespeople. The content in this module explores ways of understanding and measuring what salespeople do, and management’s role in putting that effort to the best possible purpose.

The module covers definitions of sales activity, workload, and capacity; the business value of sales activity data; what activity information is important; how to get sales activity data; what kinds of insights can be developed from activity data; and how to apply these insights in a range of managerial decisions.


Free to enroll for members at the Associate, Individual, and Corporate level.

Course Format

This course module includes two videos totaling about 25 minutes, a module transcript, and two brief knowledge check quizzes. This is an on-demand, self paced short course.

Certificate of Completion

Learners that score 100% on the knowledge check quizzes are provided with a certificate of completion for this course module, and may use the completed course to satisfy Sales Management Association certification program requirements.

Course Fees and Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course. Course fees are based on SMA membership level.

  • Members at the Corporate, Individual, and Associate membership level may enroll in the course at no cost.
  • Non members and Basic members may purchase this course for US$60.00.

How to Enroll

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