Challenging All Your Buyers Leads to Lost Sales

October 30, 2018 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time | Open session | Webcast

Companies need to stop believing the hype that there’s only one way to sell. Top performers are not just consultative, challenging, transactional, or relationship sellers — they are “situational” sellers who adapt their sales approach to different buying situations. In fact, 83% of customers say a salesperson’s ability to adjust sales strategy was a major factor in their purchase decision. If you want to upgrade your sales force effectiveness, you should abandon your rigid sales process and start building a more agile sales force.

Join Florida State University’s Leff Bonney as he discusses his groundbreaking research that shows:

  • What makes the best salespeople great in their buyers’ eyes
  • How agility in the sales process is a key determinant of success
  • Which critical steps world-class organizations take to build a more flexible sales capability
  • What mistakes companies commonly make as they pursue more agile sales forces
  • How an agile sales strategy impacts sales training, CRM, management, enablement, and marketing

Companies that have adopted a more agile sales approach saw their win rates improve by 22%. Join the revolution and stop losing deals unnecessarily.

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