Archived Webinar: Getting Salespeople Up to Speed in Record Time

26 March 2009


Unproductive sales resources are a drain on sales growth, profitability and customer retention. Typically, the sales force’s least productive members are newly-deployed Sales Representatives – salespeople new to the organization, or experienced sellers recently re-deployed to new responsibilities. By shortening the time required to get new Sales Representatives up the productivity curve, management can significantly impact the sales organization’s overall results.

Presented in conjunction with Learning Paths International, this webinar shows how three firms shortened the time required to get new Sales Representatives up-to-speed. Key insights are focused around speeding up new hire “on-boarding,” restructuring sales training around specific productivity initiatives, and using coaching to improve joint call activities. These insights are fashioned into an easily-implemented methodology for use by sales management in driving improved new Sales Representative time-to-productivity.

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