Automating Sales Compensation

28 July 2010


Sales management brings a distinct perspective to the sales compensation automation discussion - a discussion too often dominated by Finance, HR, and Accounting. In this archived Sales Management Association webcast, current sales compensation trends are explored, including the advantages that accrue to sales management when sales compensation is automated. Ecolab's Jennifer Kerr discusses the business case analysis used by Ecolab in considering an investment in Sales Performance Management (SPM) software, a critical platform that automated their sales commissions. Special emphasis is given to the project benefits expected tom impact the sales force.

On the webcast, Jennifer is joined by OpenSymmetry, a consulting and research firm that assists sales organizations in aligning management needs with enabling technology. OpenSymmetry comments on the marked increase in firms deploying SPM software solutions, reviews current SPM market trends, and details the benefits and outcomes firms should expect when investing in SPM or compensation automation solutions. Included in their presentation is an overview of SPM packages’ basic functionality and its impact sales management. Using a series of client examples, Open Symmetry also reviews what best-practice firms are doing to get the most from their sales compensation programs, automation tools, and technology-based sales management enablement efforts.

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