Building a Winning Sales Management Team: The Force Behind the Force

6 June 2013


Would you rather have excellent salespeople with an average sales manager, or average salespeople with an excellent sales manager? Research suggests there is a clear answer - if your focus is on sustained high performance.

This webinar combines concepts and strategies from ZS Associates’ recent book, Building a Winning Sales Management Team: The Force Behind the Force, with Forum’s research and frameworks on leadership and sales effectiveness.

Join the discussion as we:

  • Outline the sales manager’s three main roles
  • Identify the leadership challenges of the first-line sales leader
  • Provide a three step process for defining and implementing the right sales manager role at your organization
  • Name the development priorities sales managers need to make the jump from salesperson to manager

Speakers: Andrew Shapiro, Vice President, Regional Sales Director at the Forum Corporation, and Tony Yeung, Associate Principal at ZS Associates.

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