Changing the Sales Compensation Plan: Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid

22 February 2022


Sales compensation change is fraught with peril. Poorly implemented changes can poison sales force morale, erode productivity, and trigger unwanted salesperson turnover. In fact, recent Sales Management Association research reveals that firms with the most amount of sales comp program change are least likely to have effective sales compensation programs - suggesting that most firms overlook the hidden costs of plan changes, and underinvest in implementing them.

Delivering a new sales compensation plan can be done effectively, in ways that positively impact sales force productivity, and without motivation-damaging side effects. In this webcast, we review common mistakes firms make when communicating a new plan, and best practice approaches for timing, constructing, and implementing sales compensation plan change.

Topics include:

• Designing plan changes for maximum impact and minimum uproar
• Mitigating damage to sales force morale
• Avoiding and managing objections during implementation
• Get your sales team fired up about the new plan

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